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"Our old buddy Amazia-- Den-mother of the Black-Hole gang! I thought the Empire gunned down the lot of you, over Delphon way."
―Han Solo[src]

The Black Hole Gang, also known as the Black Hole Pirates, was a gang of pirates in the Delphon system. Originally founded by the Corellian criminal Hethra Mcgrrrr[1] as the Mcgrrrr Gang, the pirate gang changed leadership frequently, with former leaders often meeting a grisly end.[2]

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The gang purchased the twin dancers Amaiza and Jodelle Foxtrain from the Twi'lek Quatrain Pudundruh. After Jodelle was accidentally killed during a raid, Amaiza became determined to learn how to defend herself. She quickly became popular among the pirates. The leader at the time, Kayso, kept much of the pirates' spoils to himself. When this was discovered, Amaiza killed him and became the leader.[2] The gang was dispersed shortly after this when the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Ripclaw was dispatched to the Delphon system.[4] Eventually the gang either joined up with or was absorbed by the Zann Consortium.[3]

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