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"Few are certain how Black Jack got his name. Some say it's from the jet-black color of his hair, others say it's because he and his pirates seem nothing more than shadows when they infiltrate ships to steal."
Airen Cracken[src]

A pirate and starship thief, Black Jack was a nuisance to the New Republic, which issued a reward of 25,000 credits on him for piracy, theft of New Republic property, sabotage, and kidnapping.


Black Jack specialized in starship theft. It was rumored that even as a child, he knew how to hot-wire ion drives. Jack's pirates would infiltrate ships, hiding in cargo holds or maintenance crawlways, and then typically take over the ship using minimal violence. They were known to hack into ships' computer systems to plant viruses, or inject pacifying gases into the life support systems to subdue the crews. He was known for being merciful, and he only killed in self-defense. Most often the crews of ships stolen by him and his pirates would find themselves floating home in jettisoned escape pods. It was a bit of a mystery what happened to the ships Jack stole—and he had a record of several hundred of stolen vessels. Some held that he would sell them on the black market to fellow criminals or to naive legitimate businessmen. Others theorized that he was building up a pirate fleet, so he could establish a criminal empire. He also never operated from his flagship, but was typically spotted on ships that he had previously stolen.

Jack was suspected by New Republic intelligence for working for the Galactic Empire. Several ships stolen from the New Republic would show up within the Imperial fleets, which New Republic agents connecting to him. These suspicions were based on changes he made in his crew as well as contacts he had been seen with in shadowy docking bays. Faulty diagnostic systems in starships and unauthorized starship hardware also pointed in this direction.

Personality and traitsEdit

Black Jack who had a big, long, bushy, and curly beard, typically wore garish outfits complemented by a colorful sash around his girth and another one on his head to conceal his emerging baldness. Unlike his second-in-command, Happy Go Lucky, Jack was generally known as a jolly fellow with a jovial and humorous attitude.



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