"General, Resistance ship approaching. Guns and shields in attack mode."
"A single light fighter...?"
―A First Order officer and General Armitage Hux[src]

The Black One was a T-70 X-wing starfighter that was used by Resistance pilot Poe Dameron. Dameron was usually accompanied by his trusty co-pilot, the spherical astromech droid BB-8.


Black One booster pod Fathead

Black One equipped with a booster pod affixed to the aft of the fuselage.

Black One was an T-70 X-wing starfighter manufactured by the Incom-FreiTek company. Like all T-70 X-wing fighters, Black One was armed with four Taim & Bak KX12 laser cannons.[1]

For the evacuation of D'Qar, it was equipped with a booster pod.[4]


Resistance pilot Poe Dameron used the X-wing during the cold war with the First Order. During missions with Black Squadron the fighter became damaged several times: in the battle over a desert planet Dameron crash-landed Black One,[7] therefore placing it out of commission for several missions[15] until it was repaired by BB-8 and Ivee.[12] When First Order Commander Malarus stole the fighter during the mission to Cato Neimoidia, BB-8 saw himself forced to crash-land Black One again to stop the enemy officer in the cockpit.[14] While the fighter was being repaired onboard the Raddus[16] and on D'Qar, Dameron flew a standard T-70. BB-8 eventually incorporated one of the processor units of the destroyed Ivee into the fighter.[17]

Dameron flew it during the Battle of Takodana and the Battle of Starkiller Base, where he used it to destroy the First Order's superweapon, Starkiller Base.[6] Black One saw action during the Evacuation of D'Qar where he destroyed the Fulminatrix's defense turrets to clear a path for the Resistance bombers.[4]

Black One was destroyed by Kylo Ren during the attack on the Resistance fleet when he launched torpedoes into the starboard hangar of the Raddus from his TIE silencer.[4]

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Black One appears in the 2015 saga film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. It was later destroyed in the 2017 sequel Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

In Poe Dameron 15, 18 and 19 Black One is mistakenly depicted as the X-wing Dameron uses.


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