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A member of the Black Rakata

"Those of us who survived have been taken prisoner by a warlike tribe of natives."

The Black Rakata was a Rakatan tribe on Lehon. The tribe was led by The One, who was deemed a legendary warrior by his tribesmen.


When the Infinite Empire collapsed, civil wars devastated Lehon. The Black Rakata credited their darker skin to diseases from this time, during which they regressed from their ancestors' technological prowess. Eventually, they were united by The One, and sought to acquire their race's lost powers. To this end they relocated near the Temple of the Ancients. For defense, the Black Rakata learned to tame rancors, enormous semi-sentient creatures that were found on a crashed ship.

When Revan revisited the planet, the rival Elders convinced Revan to rescue one of their soldiers being held prisoner in the Black Rakatan Settlement. It was during this confrontation that the tribe was disbanded, the One being killed and most of their warriors being slain by the ex–Dark Lord. In their enclave lived a storyteller, who told Revan the story of the Black Rakata. Their nature was opposite that of the Elders: They were barbaric and relied on Raw-Power, traits not meant to be in Rakatan individuals.

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