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The Black Rakatan Settlement was the enclave of the Black Rakata on Lehon.


The settlement was led by a Rakata known as the One. When the fallen Jedi Revan and Malak crash-landed on Lehon, they were brought before the One. Revan told the One that he was looking for the Star Forge, and the One agreed to help them enter the Temple of the Ancients if Revan killed the Elders for him. Instead of slaying the Elders, though, Revan asked for their help.

Three years later, the now-redeemed Revan returned to Lehon and was once again brought before the One. He was suffering from a memory wipe, and he told the One that he couldn't remember anything from their previous meeting. The One reminded Revan of their agreement, and dispatched him to kill the Elders. Revan again sided with the Elders, however, and returned to free the Elders, who were being held hostage in the Black Rakatan settlement. When the Black Rakata found out, they tried to kill Revan, but he was able to fight his way through the settlement to the One, who then unlocked rancors to attack him. Revan managed to subdue the rancors and the One, and freed the last surviving Elder hostage.


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