The Black Seraphs, or Seraphs for short, were a Corellian swoop gang formed and led by Sunny Bounder and her second-in-command Grinder. Bounder formed the gang from the remains of another swoop gang that she had helped destroy.

The Black Seraphs were swoop racers, grifters, con artists, and hustlers, and would arrange fake swoop races on the Dragonbane circuit with the sole purpose robbing any novice racer who would participate. Their main strategy was simply to set up dangerous traps along the circuit.

They were young and disaffected criminals, interested in little more than racing, drinking, and fighting. Apart from their leader, who owned a modified Flare-S swoop, the Black Seraphs preferred Corellian Engineering Corporation "screamer" speeder bikes.

They also operated in Coronet's Blue Sector and the rougher parts of Tyrena, where they would typically make contact with hopefuls who were interested in participating in their Dragonbane races.


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