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The Black Spire Ruins,[3] called the old post by locals,[4] or simply referred to as the ancient ruins, were located at the edge of Black Spire Outpost in the planet's Surabat River Valley. Belonging to an ancient settlement and acting as the original outpost,[5] it was at one time the site of a temporary Resistance encampment, which the Resistance picked largely because it had been ideal for their needs. The encampment included a DF.12 Com Turret[1] at an entrance that led directly into the ruins and into caves which included ancient artifacts and worship sites. The Resistance built their control center inside, in some cases cutting through rock to widen the caves.[6]

Several Resistance recruits were once scrambled there alongside BB-8 to their fighters. Prior to a space battle with the First Order, a group of recruits departed from the ruins on a mission in an transport before the vessel's capture and eventual escape from a Star Destroyer.[6]

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The resistance camp in the ruins

The Black Spire Ruins on Batuu were revealed in concept art and as part of the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge model revealed by Disney during the theme park area's development and construction, with Doug Chiang giving some details about it in his interview. This area was believed to be the location of the entrance for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and later promotional material confirmed it.[6] It was also present on a trading card titled "NEW RECRUITS RENDEZVOUS AT THE ANCIENT RUINS" issued at the Galactic Nights event on December 16, 2017 that gave details about the ride and revealed that the location acted as a staging area for the Resistance, including BB-8.[7]

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