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Black Squadron was an Imperial TIE/ln space superiority starfighter squadron.[4]


During the Battle of Yavin, TIE fighters from Black Squadron launched from the Death Star to engage rebel starfighters that were assaulting the Imperial station. Led by Darth Vader, Black Squadron shot down many rebel fighters, though several were able to begin their attack runs on the Death Star's thermal exhaust port, a small opening on the battle station that led directly to the main reactor. Ultimately, rebel pilot Luke Skywalker was able to fire two proton torpedos directly down the exhaust port, which triggered a chain reaction that destroyed the station.[1]

Senior Lieutenant Iden Versio, a female pilot in the Imperial Starfighter Corps, served as a member of Black Squadron as Sigma Three, and was one of the few Imperial survivors of the battle. Versio's TIE fighter was damaged by debris from the Death Star, and she crashed on Yavin 4.[2]

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