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Black Squadron was a starfighter squadron in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During their service, Black Squadron managed to steal Imperial plans, but they were killed by Darth Vader when he found them on Lokud 7.[1]


Lokud 7[]

"Do your worst, bartender. Just got a look at what we grabbed, Black Squadron is celebrating tonight."
―Tuki to the bartender Lundi[1]

After Black Squadron stole the Imperial plans, the pilots went to the planet Lokud 7 to celebrate at a local bar. On arrival, the squadron's captain, Tuki, bragged to the bartender about their recent success. While they were handing over their weapons, the bartender saw the captain place the comlink in his pack, which he locked away with the rest of the weapons. Unbeknown to the pilots, Darth Vader and a team of Imperial Stormtroopers, found the squadron's ships and traced them to the bar, where he killed everyone. The bartender managed to escape with the captain's pack, but Vader eventually caught up with him and retrieved the stolen data.[1]

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