The Black Sun Ace fighter helmet was a space helmet used by the Black Sun crime syndicate and often worn by their most elite pilot members. The helmet was silver in color and had the Black Sun emblem etched into the forehead. It covered the wearer's entire head and face. By the end of the Battle of Yavin, during the Galactic Civil War, a few of the helmets had fallen into the hands of unaffiliated spacers who had looted them from wreckages of destroyed Black Sun vessels.[1]

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The Black Sun Ace fighter helmet was a wearable helmet in the 2004 Star Wars Galaxies expansion pack, Jump to Lightspeed. It was looted from high-level Black Sun ships in various space sectors in the game and was quite rare. The helmet could be worn in-game by all playable species except Wookiees and Ithorians.[1]

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