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Sitting on Ralltiir's highly prized coastal realty, the Black Sun Fortress stood the center of criminal power throughout the galaxy in 33 BBY.


Owned by Black Sun's criminal godfather, Alexi Garyn, the structure was surrounded by Ralltiir's blustery Tas Sea. Originally a grandiose retreat, the estate boasted several towers backdropped against the dazzling moons of Ralltiir and an underground lake turned dock. Faced with a threat of inter-Vigo war in 33 BBY, Garyn called an assembly in his retreat. As the convocation commenced, the combination of the Vigo's accompanying bodyguards, mercenaries, private soldiers, and security emplacements made the once beautiful retreat into a fortress. Even though the fortress boasted the most formidable ruthless killers and warriors, Darth Maul was able to attack it directly, destroying and killing its inhabitants.



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