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"Quiet! We are the Black Sun."
―Xomit Grunseit, to Maul[src]

The Black Sun ruling council[4] was a cabal of Falleen nobles that controlled the Black Sun crime syndicate during the Clone Wars. It operated out of a fortress located on the planet Mustafar.[2] Led by Xomit Grunseit,[5] the crime lords[6] were executed by Savage Opress when they refused to align themselves with Maul's Shadow Collective[1] in the year 19 BBY.[3] Maul then installed their lieutenant,[4] Captain of the Guard[7] Ziton Moj, as leader of the Black Sun.[4]

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The Black Sun ruling council was originally created for "Eminence," the fourteenth episode of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' fifth season,[1] which first aired on January 19, 2013.[8]

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