The Black Talon was a Gage-class transport in service with the Sith Empire during the Cold War. It was captained by Revinal Orzik.


Resembling the larger, more heavily armed Terminus-class destroyer, the Gage-class transport traded the destroyer's numerous turbolaser banks for cargo space and troop barracks. Where the Gage-class did resemble its cousin, however, was its heavy armor--the transport wasn't built for speed or combat, but to get its cargo to a destination intact. The Black Talon, like others of its class, had a wide and spaciously designed bridge.[1]


Sometime during the Cold War, Grand Moff Rycus Kilran ordered the Black Talon's Captain Revinal Orzik to intercept the Republic Thranta-class corvette Brentaal Star, which carried a turncoat Imperial officer whom Kilran wanted silenced. When Orzik disobeyed the order as he considered it suicidal, Kilran dispatched a team of elite operatives to discipline him. Once proper control had been restored, the ship was brought out of hyperspace near the Brentaal Star, which immediatelly opened fire on the Black Talon to provide cover for boarding pods sent against the transport. The operatives, backed up by remaining Imperial marines successfully repelled the Republic boarding teams, in turn boarding the Republic warship and securing the target turncoat Imperial officer. The Black Talon escaped with all objectives swiftly and successfully completed, before Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan's inbound Republic reinforcement fleet arrived.

Behind the scenes[]

The mission undertaken aboard the Black Talon can be accomplished two ways chosen by the player. The dark side path has the player choose to execute the Captain. This elevates the executive officer to the rank of Captain, and the mission takes the player to repel Republic droids and soldiers that were dropped off by boarding pods. The light side path sees the player sparing the captain and takes the player to the hangar to fight off enemies that are being dropped off by Rendaran-class assault shuttles. Either way, the players repel the invaders, board the Republic Warship, and either kill or capture the turncoat Imperial officer.



Notes and references[]

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