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This Blackwing Two was the callsign used by an unknown pilot from the planet of Viamarr 4.


"Blackwing Flight, break off and return to station. That's an order."
Velery Station to Blackwing Flight[src]

During her visit to Viamarr 4 in 7.5 ABY, the Night Caller launched two TIE Fighters designated as Gray Flight to buzz the capital city of Velery. Unbeknownst to the locals was that the Warlord Zsinj aligned ship has already been captured by Wraith Squadron, a newly formed commando squadron of the New Republic. Velery Station tried to impose its will on Gray Flight, which consisted of Wedge Antilles and Falynn Sandskimmer, by instructing it to land at Velery's spaceport. When Gray Flight refused, Blackwing Flight tailed Gray Flight in their Z-95 Headhunters and tried to force them to comply with Velery Station's orders.

What ensued was a tense mock dogfight, during which Gray flight outmaneuvered and got into firing position behind Blackwing One. Blackwing Two's actions during this time are unknown. The engagement ended with no casualties when Blackwing Flight was recalled by Velery Station.


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