"Well, if you ask me, that's a good trade-off – people living in dignity rather than holes. The galaxy can wait a little longer for the Blade-34, I reckon."
Derek Klivian, on the Blade-34 delays[src]

The Blade-34 fighter was the next proposed addition to Adumar's Blade series of superiority fighters, the successor to the Blade-32. Although a decent fighter in its own right the 32 was still behind modern standards. The 34 planned to bring Adumar's fighter squadrons up to date with modern sensor boards, better maneuverability, lighter materials, and factory-installed hyperdrives. However, as of 18 ABY the 34 was still in the prototype stage. This was because of several reasons, among them Adumar's focus on proton torpedo production and mass wage increases for laborers ordered by the perator, leading to delays.


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