This article is about the fighters from the Great Hyperspace War. You may be looking for the Adumari fighter series, the Blade series, or another Sith starfighter type from the Great Hyperspace War.
Relin Druur: "Blades are flying cannons, they have low-powered deflectors. One hit is all it takes."
Khedryn Faal: "TIE fighters, Sith designs are the same no matter the time."
Relin Druur and Khedryn Faal pursued by Blades[src]

The Blade-class starfighter was a crescent shaped starfighter of the original Sith Empire in the years of the Great Hyperspace War. It was used to protect mining ships such as the Omen and the Harbinger. They were very fast and maneuverable, though they lacked hyperdrives and shields, very similar to the TIE fighters used by the Galactic Empire nearly five thousand years later. They were also piloted by Force-sensitive pilots, possibly even Sith.

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