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"The Emperor's Wayfinder is in the Imperial vault. At delta 3-6, transient 9-3-6, bearing 3-2, on a moon in the Endor system. From the southern shore, only this blade tells."
―C-3PO translates the Sith inscription on the dagger[3]

The Blade of Ochi of Bestoon,[4] or simply Ochi's blade or Ochi's dagger, was a dagger[6] and Sith assassin blade[1] owned by the Sith cultist and assassin, Ochi of Bestoon. The Sith assassin[2] and relic hunter[7] Ochi used the melee weapon to kill many.[2] The blade itself was capable of withstanding lightsaber blows, making it a formidable weapon.[2] Additionally, it was inscribed with runes[4] in the Sith language[3] which recorded co-ordinates leading to the location of the wayfinder belonging to Darth Sidious.[4]

While he owned the blade while in service to the Crimson Dawn syndicate,[5] he needed to be given it again by the Sith Eternal decades later for its use during the quest for Exegol. During the quest, he found the blade almost speaking to him in his mind and longing for new murders, with Ochi experiencing a pleasurable white noise in his mind from the dagger whenever he killed with it. He first found this out when he killed Zargo Anaximander, during which the blade sucked Anaximander's blood from his body and imbued itself within the runes of the blade itself. This was also the case when he killed Stiper. The relic seemed to have a want of its own; the want to consume blood, a bloodlust which would be passed on to whomever wielded it.[8]

With the blade, he killed the Force-sensitive Rey's father, Dathan, and mother, Miramir in orbit of the planet Jakku before leaving for the world of Pasaana on the false belief that was where they had hidden Rey. When Ochi was sucked under the quicksands of the Forbidden Valley, the dagger fell below with him[8] and was later found to be left next to where he would eventually die and decay into a skeletal state. As a result of the murders it was used to carry out, the Sith dagger resonated in the Force with the evil imbued within, thus shocking Rey[4] upon the human Jedi-aspirant's touch.[3]

The droid C-3PO had his systems altered to decipher this inscription, having been prevented from translating the forbidden language by a programming block.[3] After arriving on Kef Bir, Rey uses the dagger to locate the wayfinder by aligning a plate hidden in the hilt with a specific part of the Death Star's wreckage, and discovering the two shapes match perfectly.

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Behind the scenes[]

Itharii Exegol
Eternal One
―Example of the Sith language, transliterated from ur-Kittât as per the Jedi Journal[2]

An example of the Sith language inscription was provided in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary. It could be transliterated to the lines quoted above, using the real-world Jedi Journal product of unconfirmed canonicity from Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which provides a translation between the alphabet of High Galactic and the Sith alphabet that does not visibly match the inscription on Ochi's dagger.[9]

Crimson Reign 1, set in 3 ABY or 4 ABY,[10] depicts Ochi with the Blade of Ochi of Bestoon.[5] However Shadow of the Sith established that he didn't receive the blade until the quest for Exegol[8] in 21 ABY.[11] Also, Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker established that the blade was inscribed with information about the DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station's wreckage meaning that the blade must've been created after Battle of Endor.[3]


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