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"The Blade of Talzin."
"Take it. Sister."
―The Great Mothers, presenting Morgan Elsbeth with the blade[3]

The Blade of Talzin was a flaming green ichor sword. It was summoned from the ether by the Nightsister matriarch Mother Talzin to duel Jedi Master Mace Windu during the Clone Wars, and later by the Great Mothers as a gift to Morgan Elsbeth.


The Blade of Talzin's[3] sword hilt closely resembled the face of Malmourral, the demon worshiped by the Frangawl Cult. The blade produced from the "mouth" of the hilt was wreathed in green flames of magical ichor.[1] When the Great Mothers conjured it, the sword had a different design, made from metal with a curved blade, wreathed in green flames when drawn. The sword was also able to resist lightsaber strikes, notably doing so when Talzin used it in a duel against Jedi Master Mace Windu and his purple-bladed lightsaber[2] and on another occasion when Morgan Elsbeth used it in a duel against Ahsoka Tano and her two white blades.[3] At the end of the duel between Elsbeth and Ahsoka the sword seemed to lose its Magick enhancements after it was disarmed from Elsbeth by Tano.[3]


Duel in the Temple of Malmourral[]

"Your power is no match for my magics."
"Magic is only an illusion."
―Mother Talzin and Mace Windu, as they duel[2]

Talzin dueling Mace Windu with the sword

During the Clone Wars, Mother Talzin gained the allegiance of the Frangawl Clan, who came to worship her as the Great Mother. The cult gathered the Living Force from several Dagoyan Masters and kidnapped Queen Julia of Bardotta and brought her to the Temple of Malmourral on Zardossa Stix to steal her life force. Talzin arrived on the moon as the ritual began, but she was confronted by Jedi Master Mace Windu and Jar Jar Binks. Talzin summoned her sword from the mist and engaged the Jedi, but Jar Jar managed to free Julia and shatter the sphere containing the stolen life force, causing a massive explosion.[2]

Heir to the Empire[]


Elsbeth being given the Blade of Talzin

During 9 ABY, the Great Mothers gave Morgan Elsbeth, Nightsister and former magistrate of Corvus, this blade, albeit in a different appearance, which she used in a duel against Ahsoka Tano, destroying one of her white lightsabers, but was ultimately killed by Tano when the latter used the sword and her remaining lightsaber to slice Elsbeth across the abdomen.[3]



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