Blaine Harris was the Defense Minister of Bakura during the administration of Prime Minister Yeorg Captison.

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An old war veteran, Harris served mainly as a figurehead until after the Battle of Bakura. Bakura's defenses were essentially nonexistent before the Imperial occupation. During the Imperial occupation, the Empire had total control of its garrison, and Bakuran security forces were restricted to the police. After the Imperial occupation, no real military was re-established until the Bakuran Defense Fleet, after Yeorg Captison left office. Captison's successor, his niece Gaeriel, kept Harris in his position, as did the Prime Minister that replaced her. He became Deputy Prime Minister under Molierre Cundertol, where he plotted to assassinate him and the planetary senators, sever all ties to the New Republic, and rule as a dictator. Holding great disdain for the New Republic, he funded the Freedom resistance movement in hopes of joining with the P'w'eck Emancipation Movement. Hoping to sequester Freedom's leader, Malinza Thanas, he had Jedi Knight Jaina Solo kidnapped in order to frame Thanas. Plotting to kill the Jedi, Thanas, Cundertol and the entire Senate, his plot was discovered and he was shot in the head and killed by Cundertol.

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