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Blarths were medium-sized predators native to the planet Naboo named for the low burping sound that it made. Amiable and easily tamed, they were kept as a household pet and watch animal by Gungans since prehistoric times. As of at least 21 BBY, the animals had made their way to off-world pet shops on worlds such as Coruscant.


Blarth on Coruscant

A pet Blarth on Coruscant.

The blarth was also surprisingly agile and swift, given its stout and rotund shape. They had rich blubber which provided buoyancy and insulation, allowing blarths to stay underwater for up to two hours. Their skin also absorbed oxygen from the water. Blarths had a long prehensile tail that aided in swimming and fishing for prey. The blarth's tail ended in nubs that functioned as rudimentary digits that allowed it to angle fish for food.

Blarths fed primarily on nyorks, bowlumps, gullipuds, yobshrimp, yobcrabs, and any other small crustaceans and shellfish they could easily subdue. Blarths did not chew their food, but swallowed it whole, using their copious amounts of saliva to help break their food down. They panted and drooled constantly, and often sneezed messily. Gungans used blarth drool for skin lubricants, perfume bases, cleaning solutions, and strengthening agents for the bubble walls of their underwater cities.

Pet blarths were notorious for leaving drool puddles wherever they roamed in Gungan communities and getting in the way in public places, doorways, and busy rooms. Blarths were very social and craved attention from their Gungan masters. Gungan children loved to sleep with slobbery pups.


A Blarth and her pups.

The female blarth gave birth to three to four pups once or twice a year. Mother blarths liked to lick her young to soothe them and initiate hormone production.



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