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BlasTech Industries was one of the galaxy's top three arms manufacturers, with Merr-Sonn and SoroSuub being its main competitors. BlasTech was the market leader in the manufacture of personal energy weapons and light artillery. BlasTech was most famous for its blaster weapons, though the company also manufactured a number of starship weapons including turbolasers, ion cannons and missiles.



A BlasTech advertisement

During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, BlasTech officials wished to hire security to protect a key weapons shipment from pirates. An individual dispatched an associate of theirs to provide security.[2]

During the Clone Wars, BlasTech provided the Republic's clone troopers with their state-of-the-art weaponry. When the Empire rose to power, BlasTech was pressured to sign an exclusive agreement with the Imperial Military, but corporate leadership held firm and maintained a standing policy of selling weaponry to anyone and everyone who had the credits. As such, many BlasTech weapons were found in Rebel hands during the Galactic Civil War. Despite its relatively notable independence from the total Imperial control which dominated major galactic companies at the time, BlasTech's famed E-11 blaster rifle became the standard Imperial sidearm and the favored weapon of the dreaded Imperial stormtroopers. Many other BlasTech designs were also integrated into the Imperial arsenal and remained even into the days of the Imperial Remnant and Second Imperium, kept for their versatility and durability. BlasTech Corporation was a division of BlasTech Industries, which manufactured the personal and military blaster weapons.



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