Blasnic was a Squib infochant who operated on Burnout space station in the Thaereian system. He grew up on the station, a tough environment that prevented many typically Squibbian traits from taking hold in his psyche, and turned to a career of brokering information. In 21 BBY, Blasnic met with a group of agents working for Osten Dal'Nay at the Burnout Cafetorium cantina. When they said they wanted to find the dreaded Burnout arena, Blasnic knew he could help them, but it would not be cheap. They agreed to his (admittedly steep) price, so he gave them the directions. He even threw in information on how to find the day's contact and daily password to enter the Underburn for no extra charge.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Blasnic was a hyperkinetic being. He feigned ignorance and obliviousness, keeping with the stereotypes of his species. He also yelled rather than spoke. Altogether, his behavior annoyed bystanders, but it was a calculated tactic to throw his business partners off balance and gave him the upper hand in negotiations. Nevertheless, he gladly dropped his charade when his business partners decided to get serious.[1] Blasnic was also skilled at what he did, able to provide information on where to find the station's happening events. He was also careful. Any information he provided was strictly verbal; storing information on datachips or writing it down were risks he was not willing to take. Blasnic had adopted the droid habit of swearing by the Maker.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Blasnic is a minor gamemaster character in the adventure Memories in the Living Force campaign for Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game. The player characters, known as the "Heroes of Cularin", must purchase information from Blasnic in order to further their quest to rescue Cularin prisoners slated to fight in the Burnout arena.[2]


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