"Before the Battle of Naboo, we wore blast armor as an indulgence. Now we consider it a necessity."
―Captain Panaka[src]

Blast armor, or blast-dampening armor, was a type of armor produced by Creshaldyne Industries.[1]

Thick enough to carry significant blast-dampening properties, yet light enough to allow movement in combat, the Creshaldyne Industries blast armor was a medium armor jerkin that protected against sonic energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, and significant cold.[1] Protecting the chest, back, and shoulders, the exterior of the armor was made from a rubbery material filled with thousands of tiny reflective crystals in a semisolid gel.[1] These crystals both diffused blaster energy, and absorbed the intense heat generated by blaster bolts.[1] The gel, meanwhile, absorbed significant kinetic impact, protecting the wearer by dispersing impacts caused by punches, kicks, falls, and bludgeoning weapons.[1] The combination of rubber exterior and gel interior drastically slowed vibrations from vibroblades, seriously diminishing the effects of such weapons - and effectively protecting the wearer against piercing and slashing attacks.[1]

This type of armor was utilized by the Naboo Security Guard, who were assigned to protect the Naboo Palace in Theed.

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