This article is about the cantina located on the Wheel. You may be looking for the Blasted Asteroid cantina chain.

The Blasted Asteroid was a cantina in the Blasted Asteroid commercial chain that operated on the Wheel space station. Its best bartender and bouncer was the Human Ceoloe, who worked closely with Waroon Dak, an infochant and regular customer.


The Blasted Asteroid was a cantina in the Blasted Asteroid commercial chain that was built on a hangar deck level of the Wheel space station,[1] located in the Besh Gorgon system of the Mid Rim.[2] The dingy establishment was a favorite amongst regular visitors to the Wheel and so was often filled with customers, who were catered for by a team of droids who cleaned and worked in the cantina. The cantina discouraged fighting, and the staff was quick to call the Wheel Security Force if a scuffle began.[1]


The establishment was in business during the Galactic Civil War, at which time the cantina's best bouncer and bartender was a muscular Human named Ceoloe, who was normally able to break up any fights. In such fights, Ceoloe particularly looked to protect Waroon Dak, a Corellian infochant who paid the bouncer a small finder's fee to regularly use a table by the bar for his work, as well as for tips as to potential sources of information.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Blasted Asteroid cantina was first introduced in Beyond the Rim, an adventure module written by Sterling Hershey in 2013 for the Fantasy Flight Games roleplaying game Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. The cantina was one location players could potentially visit while searching for information during the first episode of the game.


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