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Blaster rifles were weapons more powerful and larger than other types of blasters, such as blaster pistols. It was used in various factions.[1] Stormtroopers of the Imperial Army were armed with E-11 blaster rifles. The Alliance to Restore the Republic used many different types of blasters, as they could not afford to mass produce weapons. However, the A280 blaster rifle was the standard issue rifle Alliance.[2]

Blaster rifle length ranged from the short E-11 and DC-15A blaster to the longer A280 and DC-15. Rifles almost always had a scope, a fully automatic firing mode, and some kind of stock. Other forms of blaster rifles included blaster carbines, light repeating blasters,[source?] and sniper rifles.[1]

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Props for blaster rifles were almost, if not always made from real guns, most notably the E-11 being made from the Sterling sub-machine gun and the DL-44 being created from a Mauser C96.[source?]


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