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A blaster rifle was a designation given to certain types of offensive rifle-shaped blaster weaponry, typically with a longer barrel than other types of blasters.


Blaster rifles were heavy duty blaster variants, much more powerful than a pistol, although heavy weapons were much more powerful than rifles. Most rifles came equipped with a stun setting, used to temporarily disable an opponent. Blaster rifles had a retractable stock and weighed about 4.5 kg for most models. The ideal range for the weapon was roughly 30-60+ meters. The typical blaster rifle had a value of 1,000 credits in the legal market; however, since the weapon was illegal for civilian use in a majority of systems, black market sales were prominent.


The rifle was usually a soldier's weapon of choice, and many variants were seen. It was the main weapon of regular infantry troops.[1]


The blaster rifle was the staple infantry weapon since before the formation of the Galactic Republic, and continued to be used hundreds of years after the Battle of Yavin, with no sign of being superseded any time soon. There was substantial evidence pointing to the use of blaster technology by the Rakatan Infinite Empire, and it was possible that their infantry forces wielded blasters in combat.


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