The Blazing Chain was a Force-using organization based in the Unknown Regions. They were a group of nomadic raiders always in search of new settlements to plunder, and painted a symbol of a fiery chain on their ships to strike fear in their targets.



A Blazing Chain adept fights Galactic Alliance troops

The Blazing Chain started during the time of the Galactic Republic, as a group of pirates and raiders bolstered by rudimentary Force-users. The Blazing Chain encountered Sith ships fleeing into the Unknown Regions following the Great Sith War, and while most of their meetings ended in bloodshed, some of the weaker Sith joined the group. The number of Force-sensitives in the group subsequently rose dramatically, and by the time of the Dark Wars 90 percent of the Blazing Chain members were Force-sensitive. Eventually, the Blazing Chain gained enough members to operate a dozen autonomous fleets, each led by an Adacap.

Around 33 BBY, some members of the Blazing Chain Blackshackle fleet, led by Adacap Zonsoe, fell to the Dark side of the Force. Zonsoe became a conqueror, defeating the Blazing Chain Arcblade fleet, and launching a civil war within the group that lasted close to five years. The Blackshackle fleet was eventually defeated, although the Blazing Chain fleets were significantly weakened until after the Battle of Yavin. However, they regained their former strength, and by the fall of the Galactic Alliance the Blazing Chain was once again a threat in the Unknown Regions.


The Blazing Chain did not adhere to either the light side or the dark side, preferring to simply use the Force in any way that made raiding easier. Although some fell to the dark side, the Blazing Chain generally did not see it as a problem unless it posed a threat to the well-being of the fleet. The symbol cannot be found, although has been described.


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