"Ready when you are, Bleeker."
―Royd Pew signals for Bleeker to begin the test[src]

Bleeker was a male Human who served the Galactic Empire's Imperial Intelligence on the planet Coruscant by the year 3 BBY. In that year, he worked in the Tech Section of Intelligence under the scientist Royd Pew, who had him test experimental parawings being developed by Tech. He performed one test while Pew and Intelligence agent Jahan Cross observed, which failed due to Bleeker crashing almost instantly to the ground. Despite Bleeker's display, Cross took a pair of the parawings, claiming that Bleeker failed due to the fact that he lacked experience at pit racing. Bleeker had fair skin and brown hair and wore a skintight black suit while testing the parawings.[1]

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Bleeker first appeared in the 2011 comic book Agent of the Empire—Iron Eclipse, Part 1, which was written by John Ostrander as part of the "Iron Eclipse" story arc of the Star Wars: Agent of the Empire series.

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