Blessings was the name of a Dreadnaught of Imperial design employed by the Yevetha during the Black Fleet Crisis.


It is unclear whether the Blessings was an Imperial ship captured from Black Sword Command during the Yevethan insurrection of 4 ABY, or a new vessel constructed to the old design. The ship was assigned by the Yevetha to the Black Eleven Fleet.

In 16 ABY, the Blessings failed to perform adequately in training exercises, and thus was excluded from participation in the Yevethan Purge. Dar Bille executed both the ship's commanding primate and his second. A new primate was appointed, and instructed to prepare for another training exercise after the return of the rest of the fleet.

In 17 ABY, the Blessings, like all other Imperial-type vessels under Yevethan control, was taken over by surviving Black Sword personnel and withdrawn from Koornacht to the Deep Core

Behind the scenesEdit

The Blessings is only briefly mentioned in dialogue in the novel Before the Storm. The ship's full name is presumably Blessings of Yevetha, following their usual pattern for captured Imperial vessels.

The ship's identification as a Dreadnaught and the association with the Black Eleven shipyard only appear in subsequent reference works such as the Star Wars Encyclopedia.

The capture of the Blessings is inferred from the events of the novel Tyrant's Test. The ship presumably joined up subsequently with one of the replacement warlords or surrendered to the New Republic.



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