"Blind Fury!" is a comic story first published in Marvel UK's Star Wars Monthly 159, written by Alan Moore. It was later reprinted in Classic Star Wars: Devilworlds 1.

Plot summary[]

A young Luke Skywalker trains his lightsaber skills against a remote while blindfolded, with his X-wing on automatic pilot. Suddenly, he receives a distress transmission from a woman, only hearing the words 'Garn' and 'tower' before the signal degenerates into static.

When he reaches Garn, it appears a bleak world, and he recalls the terror in the woman's voice. Realizing that he has heard of Garn before but not remembering what it was, Luke lands on the planet and observes the tower jutting from the landscape. As Luke enters the tower, the door closes behind him and he is attacked by beasts from the darkness. Despite having him at their mercy, the beasts retreat and allow the shaken Luke to venture deeper into the tower. A man's voice then welcomes him to 'the halls of his damnation'.

Luke soon discovers soul snares containing the life forces of previous victims, before coming upon the skeletal remains of Jedi Knights in armor. The man speaks again, claiming to be 'the vengeful remains of Rur, High Shaman of the Terrible Glare'. However, Luke remembers that Rur's order was supposed to have been eradicated by the Jedi thousands of years ago, as told to him by Ben Kenobi.

Luke finds Rur's form encased in a transparent pyramidal structure, where he explains that his body is no more and that his mind is encoded and preserved within the 'devices of knowing' before him. His sensors had detected Luke because of his lightsaber use, and had lured him to Garn with the false distress call, as he had done to other Jedi before him. Because Rur had been in the computer for so long, he had lost track of time, believing that the war was only months ago.

Understanding the danger he is in, Luke tells Rur that there are no Jedi anymore and that he got his lightsaber from the last one. Thinking Luke is lying, Rur checks his sensor but finds that Luke's pulse has indeed stayed calm. Realizing his vengeance is in vain, he destroys the labyrinth.

While watching the flames for a long time, Luke thinks of hatred and of obsession and blindness. That of Rur and that of his own.


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Notes and references[]

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  1. StarWars Star Wars in the UK: Star Wars Monthly Issues 159-165 on StarWars.com (backup link)
  2. Blind Fury! takes place following the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope while Luke Skywalker still uses Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber, which he loses during the events of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. This time period corresponds to the years 0 ABY to 3 ABY, according to The New Essential Chronology.
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