Blismal were a non-sentient rodent species found deep within the caves and caverns of Ilum, an ice planet deep within the Unknown Regions.

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The blismal species was a type of rodent found deep within the caves of Ilum, capable of surviving in the cold, harsh world's interior. Quadrapeds, the blismal were quite small and were covered in beautiful silver which kept out water and dirt while simultaneously holding in warmth. Feeding off of insects and cave fungi, the blismal had hairless tails and long snouts for slipping between cracks to capture bugs. Free of most predators due to their speed, the Jedi Order came to recognize the blismal by their sustained shriek. When several blismal howled together, the painfully loud call could cause cave-ins and even shatter the precious Adegan crystals growing under Ilum's crust. Jedi researchers believed that the blismals' powerful scream was a product of their close connection to the Force. To prevent the blismal from causing any trouble if stumbled upon, a Jedi could counter the effects of the rodent by encasing them within a noise-dampening bubble in the Force so that they could be captured, and even domesticated.[1]


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