Blix Annon was a male Human who served as a Senator in the Galactic Republic Senate during the final decades of the institution. The subject of a secret Sith plot to replace him in the Senate with Eero Iridian, Annon died of a heart attack while being held for ransom by Lorian Nod in 76 BBY.


Blix Annon was a heavyset Human Senator representing his constituents' needs in the Galactic Senate on Coruscant. A prominent supporter of the Jedi Order, Annon lobbied against bills aimed at lessening the Order and gave heavily in donations. Known for his opulence in his personal affairs, Annon still garnered support in the Senate and was a friend of the Jedi High Council.[1] Because of his outspokenness on behalf of the Jedi, Annon unknowingly drew the attention of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Tenebrous, a being who wished that the Jedi lose support in the Senate and hoped to foment anti-Jedi sentiment across the Republic.[2]

To this end, Tenebrous hired a pirate called Lorian Nod to abduct the Senator. Nod, using the disabled ship of Senator Galim Eddawan as a lure, captured Senator Annon's ship and boarded it. During the battle Nod managed to kidnap Annon but was caught unawares as Jedi Master Dooku and Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn revealed themselves as having been Annon's escort. Despite the attempts of the Jedi, Annon was taken aboard Nod's ship; Nod hoped to ransom the Senator back to his constituents for a hefty fee. However, due to the strain of the events and his unhealthy lifestyle, Annon suffered a heart attack and expired.[1]

The plot by Tenebrous further deteriorated when Jedi Master Dooku discovered the Sith Lord's intermediaries in the plot. Overseeing the arrests of several key players including Eero Iridian, the being the Sith wished to replace Annon with, Dooku inadvertently stood in the way of the Sith Grand Plan for a time.[2]



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