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"We lost nearly half the crew getting the creature in there. The Jedi should have some trouble with it, too."

Blixus were large non-sentient carnivorous cephalopods from an unknown planet of origin. During the Clone Wars, one such creature was kept on the Zygerrian slave vessel owned by Captain Onyx. When the vessel was attacked by a group of Jedi and clone troopers, Onyx released the blixus to kill them. The creature managed to kill several clones, but was defeated by the Jedi. Separatist commander Darts D'Nar also had a blixus on his ship, the Tecora. Blixus could also withstand the vacuum of space.

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The Blixus in the second Slaves of the Republic comic

The creature that attacks the Republic forces is not named in the issue, but according to author Henry Gilroy it is called a blixus.[1]



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