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Blizzard 2 was the codename for an Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport.


Blizzard2 btm

The disabled Blizzard 2, shortly before its destruction.

A part of the ground assault unit known as Blizzard Force under the command of General Maximilian Veers, Blizzard 2 was the command vehicle of Brigadier Nevar. The paranoid general had upgraded the vehicle with additional armor before the Battle of Hoth. However, during the assault on Echo Base itself, General Nevar was assassinated aboard Blizzard 2. Although the AT-AT continued to advance, it was subsequently felled by Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson in the T-47 airspeeder Rogue Three, and then destroyed when Wedge Antilles circled around to fire at its vulnerable neck.



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