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Blizzard 4 was an All Terrain Armored Transport that was part of Blizzard Force. It present at the Battle of Hoth, commanded by Colonel Starck. Luke Skywalker destroyed Blizzard 4 during the battle with a concussion grenade.



The destruction of Blizzard 4

Staffed by an experienced crew, Blizzard 4's role in all engagements was to seek out new terrain uncovered by the initial offensive thrust and unload troops to hold it. In an attempt to impress Darth Vader, Starck's group went through the treacherous Kerane Valley.[1] Later in the battle, Luke Skywalker, his snowspeeder crippled and crashed, narrowly dodged the AT-AT's crushing foot, before grappling to its underbelly with a harpoon gun, cutting through the armor with his lightsaber, and using a concussion grenade to destroy it, the resulting explosions also decapitating it in the process.[2]

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In a skit from Robot Chicken: Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, as in the movie, ascended to Blizzard 4's underbelly using a harpoon gun, cut through the armor with his lightsaber, and threw a thermal detonator into the hole. However, unlike the film, it was revealed that he threw the detonator into an occupied lavatory, in which a snowtrooper was reading a porn magazine called Naboobies.


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