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"Seek out the leadership, captain… the Princess, Rieekan. Capture the smuggler if you can."
―Darth Vader, to a captain of Blizzard Force[4]

Blizzard Force, also designated as the Blizzard Unit was an elite armored unit within the 501st Imperial Legion of the Imperial Army that specialized in cold-weather operations. It utilized multiple AT-AT walkers in which dozens of cold weather assault stormtroopers could be stationed inside of along with numerous armaments. The force itself was led by the ruthless General Maximilian Veers,[10] who had personally selected every AT-AT pilot in the unit.[11] Blizzard Force spearheaded the assault of Echo Base on the ice world of Hoth while the Imperial Death Squadron loomed overhead.[12]


Headquartered on Death Squadron, the personal fleet of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, Blizzard Force,[5] or Blizzard Unit,[13] was an elite armored formation within the 501st Imperial Legion.[9] Blizzard Force was under the command of General Maximilian Veers,[7] with fellow Imperial officers consisting of Brigadier General Nevar, Colonel Starck,[2] Captain TS-4068,[3] and another stormtrooper captain.[4]

Blizzard Force consisted of at least one battalion of elite cold weather assault stormtroopers,[7] as well as at least one armored squadron of walkers, the Thundering Herd.[6] Blizzard Force unit two-two-eight-seven was a subunit,[5] as was a squad led by Captain TS-4068,[3] and another squad led directly by Lord Vader.[7] Blizzard Force consisted of at least twelve All Terrain Armored Transports,[8] which had the callsigns of Blizzard 1, Blizzard 2, Blizzard 4, Blizzard 6, Blizzard 8, and Blizzard 9.[2] The AT-AT walkers were supported by All Terrain Scout Transports,[1] and the force could be deployed by Y-85 Titan dropships or Gozanti-class Assault Carriers.[5]


"Yes, Lord Vader. I've reached the main power generators. The shield will be down in moments. You may start your landing."
―General Maximillian Veers to Darth Vader, regarding the Echo Base shield generator[1]

Upon discovering the Rebel Alliance's hidden base on the remote world of Hoth, the Galactic Empire quickly mobilized an attack force, with the Death Squadron in orbit above the planet while the elite Blizzard Force led by General Maximilian Veers would spearhead the assault on Echo Base below. Assembling a force of a dozen AT-AT walkers deployed by nimble Gozanti-class cruisers escorted by TIEs, Blizzard Force landed in the Moorsh Moraine.[8] Blizzard Force promptly assaulted the base, attempting to disable the rebel's shield generator and ultimately destroy the Rebellion once and for all.[14] The battle ended an Imperial victory, however not before Veers' AT-AT walker Blizzard 1 was destroyed and several rebel GR-75 medium transports and T-65B X-wing starfighters escaped the Hoth system.[1]



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