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"Admiral, hurry we must if we are to aid General Kenobi."
"It will not be easy to breach the blockade, Master Yoda. It's what stopped our relief ships before."
"Last time not as many ships did you have. Get past it we must. Get past it we will."
―Master Yoda and Admiral Wullf Yularen[src]

A blockade was when a military or another entity stationed a fleet in orbit around a planet in order to prevent the coming and going of starships.


Fall of the RepublicEdit

Ships of the Trade Federation fleet would blockade the peaceful world of Naboo in order to pressure its leader, Queen Padmé Amidala, to sign a petition treaty. This would escalate into the Trade Federation's Invasion of Naboo.[1] The Corporate Alliance would blockade the planet Malastare, leading the Galactic Republic in dispatching a Jedi-led task force that would resolve the matter. It was presumed it's commander, Trench, was killed as well.[2]

Clone WarsEdit


The Blockade of Ryloth during the Clone Wars

Admiral Trench, the same commander from the blockade of Malastare, would lead the Separatist Alliance's blockade of Christophsis. The fleet would be annihilated after the destruction of his flagship, the Providence-class dreadnought Invincible, by an experimental stealth ship, allowing a Republic naval fleet to destroy the blockade.[2] The Separatist were able to send reinforcements and force the Republic fleet to retreat. However, Republic reinforcements under Master Yoda were able to force the blockade's remaining ships to retreat.[8] Later in the conflict, a fleet led by Captain Mar Tuuk would blockade Ryloth, though his forces would be destroyed by the Republic.[9]

The Trade Federation, under Sib Canay, blockaded Pantora to force the Pantorans to join the Confederacy. However, the blockade was lifted when Canay was revealed to be behind the kidnapping of Chairman Papanoida's daughters, Chi Eekway and Che Amanwe.[5]

Age of the EmpireEdit

The Galactic Empire established a blockade around the planet of Mon Cala during the occupation. However, three ships of the Mon Cala's Mercantile Fleet under Admiral Raddus were able to break through the blockade and escape.[10]

The Galactic Empire later established a blockade under Admiral Kassius Konstantine around the planet of Lothal[11] due to heavy rebel activity there.[12] The blockade prevented entrepreneurs such as Lando Calrissian from bringing equipment to Lothal.[13] Following the destruction of Governor Wilhuff Tarkin's flagship, the Sovereign, Lord Vader tightened the blockade in order to punish Lothal and prevent the Spectres from escaping.[14]

The Empire sent Imperial Security Bureau Agent Alexsandr Kallus and several ships to Ibaar prevent any supplies and aid from being delivered to the Ibaarian underground network. Kallus was able to stop Phoenix Squadron during their first attack, but the blockade was broken by Captain Hera Syndulla and a prototype B-wing starfighter.[6]

During the Lothal campaign, the blockade at Lothal was strengthened by the Seventh Fleet under Grand Admiral Thrawn.[15] The Seventh Fleet blockaded Atollon to prevent Phoenix Squadron and the Massassi Group from escaping. Commander Jun Sato attempted to use Danaan tactics to break through the blockade, but sacrificed himself and Phoenix Nest to help Lieutenant Commander Ezra Bridger to get help. Fortunately, the survivng ships of both rebel cells were able to escape to Yavin 4 after Bridger and Clan Wren destroyed the last Interdictor-class Star Destroyer.[16] The blockade under Thrawn's command was able to prevent Syndulla's forces from destroying Lothal's factories.[17] The blockade was destroyed when the Ghost summoned the Purrgil to assist them.[18]

After The Disaster, the Galactic Empire blockaded the Alderaanian graveyard.[19] After the Battle of Endor, Imperial governor Ubrik Adelhard initiated the Iron Blockade of the Anoat sector.[20]



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