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In 34 ABY, following the Battle of Crait, the First Order launched a blockade of the planet Kashyyyk, home to the Wookiees, during the war between the First Order and the Resistance.[4]


After the Battle of Crait the Resistance suffered many losses and was on the run from the First Order.[7] General Leia Organa went on a mission to Mon Cala with other Resistance operatives to ask for resources from the Mon Calamari. Leia successfully managed to retrieve Mon Calamari Star Cruisers for the Resistance.[1]


Arriving on Kashyyyk[]

Above the planet Kashyyyk, the Millennium Falcon was in a dogfight with multiple First Order TIE fighters. The Porg, Terbus was on the control panels of the Falcon. Nien Nunb who was co-piloting the Falcon with Chewbacca was very nervous as Chewbacca pulled multiple maneuvers to repel the TIE fighters. Daz Crano joined in the fight to help Chewbacca as more TIE fighters arrived to attack them. During the skirmish Daz and Beaumont Kin discussed the history of Kashyyyk and the blockade.[4]

Stormtroopers of the Omicron Formation during the blockade

The group landed to the surface of the planet as Wookiees were moving stormtroopers out of the area. After regrouping with the other Wookiees, Chewbacca became angry and ran into the nearby Black Forest followed by Terbus. Kin and Crano followed Chewbacca through the forest but lost him in the most dangerous place on Kashyyyk. Two stormtroopers were talking to each other when Chewbacca knocked their heads together and knocked them unconscious. A stormtrooper commander and two other stormtroopers ran into Chewbacca. During the firefight between Chewbacca and the stormtroopers, a speeder bike exploded causing Chewbacca and the stormtroopers to be thrown back. Terbus ran over to Chewbacca but Chewbacca grabbed him and hid behind a bush as more stormtroopers appeared.[4]

Locating Chewbacca[]

Back at the edge of the Black Forest, Beaumont Kin, Daz Crano and Nien Nunb were all discussing what to do next in regards to locating Chewbacca. They and other Resistance members all had on ponchos as Daz surveyed the woods through electrobinoculars.[5]

Deep inside the Black Forest, Chewbacca and Terbus were trying to sneak past stormtroopers but Terbus stepped on a stick altering the stormtroopers to their location. Chewbacca quickly hid again as the stormtroopers started to search around for him. But Terbus made another noise and the stormtroopers started to fire on their position. A stormtrooper was on a speeder bike and started to chase Chewbacca through the forest but Chewbacca pushed the stormtrooper off the speeder bike and took control of it. But another speeder bike showed up and destroyed Chewbacca's. Terbus started to squawk louder as Chewbacca maneuvered through the woods to get by the stormtroopers.[5]

Overhead, Daz Crano was flying over the forest in her X-wing trying to locate Chewbacca while on the ground Beaumont Kin, Nien Nunb and other Resistance troopers were searching for Chewbacca. They located Chewbacca's bowcaster on the ground and carried on moving through the forest. Hiding underneath debris from the stormtroopers, Chewbacca made his way up and climbed to the top of a Wroshyr tree with a struggling Terbus behind him. Chewbacca looked down and saw stormtroopers loading Wookies into a shuttle. The angered Chewbacca noticed Crano's X-wing fly overhead but as Chewbacca tried to call to it but the X-Wing didn't notice him. But the stormtroopers did and Chewbacca leaped on them and tied them all up. Chewbacca then looked over to the Porg, Terbus who saluted him.[5]

Stopping the First Order[]

Daz Crano contacted Beaumont Kin that she believed her Porg spotted something when flying over the forest. Inside the forest, Kin told her that Prog was probably wrong. Daz decided to go double check anyways as Beaumont and his group continued through the forest. At a First Order encampment, the Wookiees were locked up in a cage as the stormtrooper commander ordered two of his soldiers to go find SN-1208.[6]

Shortly after the two stormtroopers were walking along a river when they spotted Terbus. They question what he was and preceded to chase the Porg when he ran away. But the stormtroopers slipped and fell down a mudslide and then into the river as Chewbacca stared down at them from a tree. Chewbacca set up more traps for the stormtroopers to fall into and started to pick them off one by one. The stormtrooper commander had enough of it and ordered his remaining soldiers to for a perimeter around the remain encampment. Terbus caused a distract by tripping the alarm as Chewbacca went over to save the other Wookiees. But the stormtrooper commander stopped him and threatened him. But Terbus came by and chewed the cords off the cages and freed the Wookiees. The angry Wookiees received help by Beaumont and his group and the stormtrooper commander retreated. Daz Crano landed her X-Wing and joined everyone else as more of the Porgs joined together. Everyone was happy to see each other. Shortly after the Resistance left Kashyyyk and Chewbacca and Nien Nunb joined them.[6]


Shortly after the blockade on Kashyyyk,[source?] Poe Dameron and Finn went on a mission to Tevel to Liberate the Tevel bacta production plant from First Order occupation.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The blockade of Kashyyyk appears in Star Wars Adventures (2017) 27, which was released on October 30, 2019.[4]



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