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"Message to spacers approaching Ralltiir: An Imperial blockade is being enforced in this system. No commercial starships have clearance to approach the planet. Ships defying this blockade will be engaged and destroyed by Imperial Naval vessels."
Ralltiir METOSP[src]

In 0 BBY, the Imperial Navy established a blockade of the entire Ralltiir system. The blockade was ordered by Lord Tion and followed the violent subjugation of the planet Ralltiir and the disbanding of the Ralltiiri High Council by the Galactic Empire.[1][3] The blockade was so tight that Tion denied commercial starships,[4] as well as relief organizations access to the planet,[1] at the risk of being destroyed by Imperial starships.[4] Even the Imperial Senate was not able to get any information about the planet.[1] The system was patrolled by an Imperial superiority fleet: three battle squadrons and a light squadron, including three Imperial-class Star Destroyers and the Victory-class Star Destroyer Scourge.[5] The only ship allowed to land on the surface was Princess Leia Organa's Tantive IV. The Princess lured Lord Tion and managed to contact the Ralltiir underground and get critical information about the Death Star.[3] In the following weeks, the blockade severely impacted commerce and economy in the Darpa sector and along the Perlemian Trade Route. However, after Tion's death, many smugglers were able to run the blockade successfully,[1] and provide weapons to the rebellion.[6] After the subjugation of the planet, the blockade was lifted but Imperial forces stayed on Ralltiir.[3] Anti-Imperial resistance remained strong on the planet in the next years and the blockade may have established temporarily, such as after the crackdown in Salibury, two years later.[6] The blockade ruined the planet and Ralltiiri economy was still recovering ten years after.[3]



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