"All ships, this is General Bel Iblis. We've just been informed that a strong Frezhlix force is moving on the Sif'krie homeworld of Sif'kric."
Garm Bel Iblis[1]

The Blockade of Sif'kric was one of the first armed inter-species conflicts that plagued the New Republic during the Caamas Document Crisis.


"Ten to one it's the Frezhlix; they've been feuding with the Sif'kries ever since we chased the Empire out of the area."
Corran Horn[1]

The Frezhlix and the Sif'kries had opposed each other since the Galactic Empire withdrew from the sector they shared. When the Frezhlix introduced a resolution in their sector assembly opposing the Bothans, the Sif'kries opposed it, this preventing their common senator from supporting the anti-Bothan Drashtine Initiative in the New Republic Senate. The Frezhlix responded by blockading the Sif'krie homeworld of Sif'kric, cutting them off from outside communications and threatening to destroy up to 20% of their economy, based in pommwomm export.

The battle[]

Garm Bel Iblis: "Frezhlix attack force, this is General Bel Iblis of the New Republic. Please state your intentions."
Plarx: "I am Plarx. I speak for the Frezhlix. Our intentions do not concern the New Republic. This is a private matter between ourselves and the Sif'kries."
Bel Iblis: "I'm afraid I cannot accept that. Any aggression against a New Republic member is our concern."
―Garm Bel Iblis and Plarx[1]

However, a New Republic task force under General Garm Bel Iblis was nearby, and responded. When they attempted to search the Hoopster's Prank, a ship run by Booster Terrik, the Frezhlix fleet fired on the New Republic ships, allowing them to legally intervene and disperse the blockade. Shortly after the battle, the New Republic forces had to depart for Mengjini.


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