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Darth Vader's blood

"Blood is about to spill, all right. Yours!'"
General Grievous, to Maul[1]

Blood was a liquid substance present in most sentient beings, though not all species had the same color of blood. Humans[2] and Aqualish,[3] for example, had red blood; while Rodians,[4] Duros,[5] and Trandoshans had green blood,[6] Kiffar had scarlet blood,[7] and Devaronians had black blood.[8] By testing a sample of someone's blood, it was possible to get a midi-chlorian count and determine how sensitive one was to the Force.[9] Human blood was said to have a characteristic metallic taste.[10] Bloodburn was a rare blood disease that affected some starship pilots.[11]


Vials of Darth Vader's blood

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