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"The BloodScars fancy themselves a military sort of group."

The BloodScars were a pirate organization active in Shelsha sector, headed by a Human called "The Commodore" based on Gepparin. Governor Barshnis Choard secretly funded the group in hopes that the sector might secede from the Empire; though his plot was foiled by Mara Jade. Around 0.5 ABY, they tried to branch out to become more powerful, including starting a swoop gang on Drunost to seize Rebel Alliance arms, and funding a corrupt police regime in Janusar on Ranklinge, possibly to try to steal I-7 Howlrunners from a nearby plant. Their most audacious move was an attempt, foiled by Jade, to steal a transport carrying 50 AT-STs. Disra tried to recruit them for his scheme to defeat the Rebellion in Shelsa Sector. The plan failed and both the Commodore and Caaldra were killed and the base on Gepparin destroyed by the Star Destroyer Reprisal.

The BloodScars once staged a raid near Ashkas-kov. In this episode, the BloodScars attacked an entire convoy with ten of their own ships, and even blew up the four ships they had primarily targeted after stripping them of goods.

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