"Greer—you have bloodburn?"
"Diagnosed three years ago. So you finally found out why I quit racing."
Joph Seastriker and Greer Sonnel[src]

Bloodburn was a rare, chronic, and often terminal illness of the blood that befell starship pilots. In the most serious cases, fevers would form and graduate in intensity to the point of overheating and death. The precise cause was not known, but it was known to be a result of space travel, appearing most commonly in younger pilots. Pilots found to be affected by bloodburn were commonly grounded.[1]

Bloodburn had no cure, though there were treatments to curb the most dramatic effects of the illness, such as hadeira serum injections. Injections were administered sparingly, as patients ran the risk of hadeira serum poisoning, which led to other side effects such as severe fainting spells. Sufferers of bloodburn syndrome were also told to stay as hydrated as possible and to avoid physical stress, as it was found to exacerbate the symptoms. Diet and very moderate exercise also mitigated against the worst symptoms. Patients who monitored their lifestyle to mitigate against symptoms in such a manner could have reasonably normal lifespans, provided they stayed vigilant.[1]

The human Greer Sonnel ended her racing career due to bloodburn.[1] Akshaya Ponta's daughter Tanith died of bloodburn at a young age.[2]


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