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"Stealth is the greatest tool of the Sith assassin."
Darth Sidious[src]

The Bloodfin was the personal Sith speeder of Darth Maul and a modified Razalon FC-20 speeder bike. As his predecessors had done during the New Sith Wars, it was named after an animal that personified the Sith Lord. In Maul's case, his speeder was named after a fierce aquatic hunter he had once encountered and fought on an ocean world in the Outer Rim Territories.


Darth Maul on the Bloodfin.

As with many other swoop bikes, the Bloodfin was a small repulsorlift vehicle with a powerful rear thrust engine. Its engine systems were designed to provide the rider with fast acceleration and allowed it to reach maximum open-ground speed within seconds. Its design gave it an extremely low center of gravity, improved its cornering ability greatly and presented enemies with a very small target.

The vehicle was unarmed since the Sith Lord preferred to use the Bloodfin to pursue enemies and deal with them once having caught up with them. The vehicle's curved seat allowed Darth Maul to leap from the vehicle by just rocking forward, allowing him to enter into combat immediately and take his enemy by surprise.

The Bloodfin was also equipped with an auto-brake feature which brought the vehicle to a safe stop whenever the handle bars were released, ensuring that it did not crash or collapse following one of Maul's sudden dismounts. The vehicle also had no shields or sensors since they were considered as a sign of weakness by the Sith Lord.

The Bloodfin was also equipped with an auto-piloting system which allowed Darth Maul to remotely pilot the vehicle through the use of his Force powers. He could also use a wrist-mounted comlink to control the vehicle from up to eight kilometers away.


Besides the Bloodfin, Darth Maul owned several speeders including a T-shaped speeder destroyed during a duel with Master Anoon Bondara shortly before the Invasion of Naboo and an assault speeder equipped with laser cannons and a personal deflector shield generator. In 32 BBY, while seeking out Padmé Amidala on Tatooine, Darth Maul used the Bloodfin to combat Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Having jumped from the speeder, it presumably halted due to the auto-brake feature and was used by Maul to return to his starship Scimitar. Following Maul's presumed death at the Battle of Naboo at the hands of Qui-Gon's Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Bloodfin was confiscated by Galactic Republic authorities along with his starship though they both later mysteriously disappeared forever. During the Clone Wars, the Dark Jedi Garth Ezzar obtained a similar speeder bike.[2]

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Bloodfin was also the name of a server—or "Galaxy"—in Star Wars Galaxies.


Darth Maul piloting Bloodfin.

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