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Bloodsniffers were pack animals native to the mountainous and desert regions of the planet Kamar. Their diet consisted solely of the blood of other creatures.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Bloodsniffers needed to drink their weight in fresh blood every two days. This was because a bloodsniffer's metabolism depleted its potassium at a rate much higher than that of other creatures. Though they appeared to be lizards, bloodsniffers were in actuality mammals. Typical bloodsniffers fell between one and two meters in length and had mottled skin, which could serve as camouflage against the rocky terrain of the Kamarian Badlands.[1] Bloodsniffers were muscular creatures with four stubby legs which had extremely sharp claws at the end. After sneaking up on their prey by using their razor-sharp senses, bloodsniffers would use these features to their advantage, tackling it or clawing it into submission. The bloodsniffer would then use the bony spike at the end of its tongue to breach the victim's skin and begin the process of feeding. Only immediate medical assistance would be able to guarantee the survival of the victim of a bloodsniffer attack. The size of a typical pack of bloodsniffers ranged from two to eight adults plus pups. They were known to be fiercely protective of their hunting grounds and would battle other packs of bloodsniffers that trespassed on their dominion. Oftentimes, these battles would end with the losers being drained of their blood.[2]


The reputation of the bloodsniffer spread as far as the Quence sector, which was plagued by a swoop gang that named themselves after the vicious predator.[3]



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