The Bloodstar was a massive warship used by Bar-Kooda during his reign of terror as a pirate.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The ship was larger than most Star Destroyers utilized in this era and held a massive hangar at the bow, where Bar-Kooda's small fleet of ships could land and have maintenance performed on them. The hangar complex was protected by two massive blast doors. The Bloodstar was armed with at least ten cannons of various sizes and was propelled by one massive thruster at the stern. Among its complement of support ships was a small scout ship.

History[edit | edit source]

At least 1,000 pirates had made the Bloodstar their home, being led by Bar-Kooda on many raids over the year. When Boba Fett sought the bounty on Bar-Kooda, he enlisted the aid of Wim Magwit to infiltrate the ship and capture Bar-Kooda. Fett escaped aboard an escape pod he had used to board the ship and fought his way out of the docking bay—using concussion missiles to blast open the hangar doors. As Fett and Magwit escaped, dozens of Bar-Kooda's men were sucked out into the vacuum and perished.

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