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Bludlow was a Rodian who visited Chalmun's Cantina in 1 ABY. He sat with the Gotal Dratun and refused to leave in the wake of an Imperial curfew, despite the appeals of Ackmena the bartender.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Although The Star Wars Holiday Special's script identifies him as Bludlow, he is often mistakenly referred to as Ludlow or Ludlo.

"Ludlo" wanted poster from a 1978 publicity campaign

In a 1978 Lucasfilm Ltd. publicity campaign, actors dressed as Boba Fett put up wanted posters at department stores, shopping centers, and public events to promote Fett's image as a bounty hunter. One of these posters referred to a Rodian named "Ludlo, brother of Greedo, last seen at the cantina in Star Wars."[2] These posters may have referred to the same character seen in The Star Wars Holiday Special. The name could also refer to a second Rodian who appears in Chalmun's Cantina in A New Hope. This Rodian can be distinguished from Greedo by his lack of an orange vest. Because the posters refer to a character "last seen at the cantina in Star Wars," this second Rodian might be named Ludlo. However, no source other than the 1978 poster mentions any siblings for Greedo other than Pqweeduk, who died well before A New Hope.



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