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"Forget the Empire's freeze-dried junk. These blue-milk pancakes are terrific!"
"Finally, someone who appreciates my fine cuisine."
―Bren Derlin and R0-GR — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Blue-milk pancakes were a type of blue-colored pancake made with blue milk. The B1-series battle droid R0-GR made a batch of blue-milk pancakes for his friend Kordi Freemaker, but she lied to the droid to get out of eating them. R0-GR also made pancakes for Rebel Alliance Major Bren Derlin after the droid and a family of scavengers, the Freemakers, rescued him.


A blue-milk pancake was a type of blue-colored pancake made with blue milk,[1] a rich milk produced by female banthas.[2] The pancake was cut into circular slices and had bubbles on the top of it.[1]


"What are you doing here?"
"What? Um… Well, obviously, your friends sent me on a blue milk run."
"Oh, okay." […] "You lie! Kordi's allergic to blue milk! That's why she can't eat my blue-milk pancakes."
―R0-GR asks Hondo Ohnaka why he is on the StarScavenger — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Major Bren Derlin eats a blue-milk pancake aboard the StarScavenger.

A blue-milk pancake was made by B1-series battle droid R0-GR for his friend Kordi Freemaker, but she did not like the pancake and lied about being allergic to blue milk to avoid having to eat the food R0-GR had made.[1] In 4 ABY,[3] the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka had absconded with the StarScavenger, a starship owned by R0-GR and a family of scavengers known as the Freemakers. R0-GR encountered Ohnaka and questioned him regarding his presence on the ship, so the pirate explained that the Freemakers had sent him on a blue milk run.[1]

Recalling his friend Kordi being allergic to his blue-milk pancakes, R0-GR realized Ohnaka was lying and was in fact stealing the ship. However, R0-GR then remembered that Kordi had drank blue milkshakes and realized that she had been lying to him in order to avoid eating his batch of pancakes. Later, after the Freemakers rescued Rebel Alliance Major Bren Derlin, R0-GR made blue-milk pancakes for him. Derlin exclaimed his joy for the food, stating his preference of the pancakes over the Galactic Empire's freeze-dried food. R0-GR then expressed his appreciation for Derlin's comments on the pancakes.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Blue-milk pancakes appeared in "The Storms of Taul,"[1] the fifth episode in the second season of the non-canon animated series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. The episode aired on August 2, 2017.[4]


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