Blue Devil Squadron was a small Squadron of 3 TIE Defenders built by Nami Crime Lord Ali Tarrak. After discovering Tarrak's Deep Space Manufacturing Facility where she was building TIE Defenders. Then, Admiral Thrawn launched an assault to put an end to her attempt to proliferate the TIE Defenders. After her original fighter defenses were destroyed Blue Devil Squadron was dispatched, likely before their shields were fully charged, to attack the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Grey Wolf, while Red Devil Squadron attempted to provide fighter escort. They were intercepted and destroyed by a Missile Boat piloted by Tan Maarek Stele.

Behind the scenesEdit

The fighter squadron appears in Battle 10, mission 6. The fighter squadron is labeled in the game Blue Devl. As the other TIE Defender Squadron is called Red Devil and there is a Y-wing Squadron called Gold Devil Squadron. This article assumes its a typo on the game designers behalf.


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