The Blue Diver was a Mon Calamari heavy carrier operated by the Galactic Alliance out of the Second Fleet in the years following the Yuuzhan Vong War.


In 40 ABY, it was recalled from its annual mission to the Tingel Arm, where it was searching for remaining pockets of Yuuzhan Vong resistance, in order to take part in Operation Roundabout during the Second Galactic Civil War. Gray Squadron was stationed onboard Blue Diver, as was Lieutenant Baradis. Following the breaking of the Alliance blockade by combined Corellian, Commenorian, and Bothan forces, the Blue Diver withdrew from Corellian space to Coruscant. Following heavy damage sustained by the Galactic-class battle carrier Dodonna, the Blue Diver became the new flagship for Second Fleet commanding officer Admiral Tarla Limpan.

The Blue Diver, with Admiral Tarla Limpan commanding and Syal Antilles assigned to one of her Aleph-class starfighter squadrons led a task force of Alliance reinforcements in a ambush set by Corellian forces. With Alliance forces fully committed to the battle, Corellians fired Centerpoint Station with the intention of destroying the Anakin Solo and thereby killing Jacen Solo. The blast failed in this but succeeding in destroying both Corellian and Alliance fleets, including the Blue Diver with all hands. The only known survivors were Syal Antilles and Zueb Zan, along with their astromech.


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